I can mix your record

I have my own acoustically treated mix room I used for all my mixes.

Mixing is my thing

I love mixing, like really love it!  I find it to be one of the most rewarding parts of my work.   Wether its something I have recorded for you, or something you have recorded yourself... just lemme at it!

I have created a custom mix room which I use for all mixing I do.  This room is where I am at my best.   I use premium conversion from Solid State Logic and RME,  ProTools,  high end KRK Monitoring and a huge array of specialised plugins from plugin giants such as Waves,  Slate Digital,  McDSP and Plugin Alliance.

My aim with all my mixes is to create something energetic, punchy and exciting.   Clients particular love my drum sounds which lends so well to rock and metal music.    My mixes have been all over national radio and television.

Mixes are £150 per song.   Bulk deals available!
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