How long do we need to book for?

Ideally, to get the best results, Jamie recommends the following minimum timescales for recording, mixing and mastering:

    • Singles - 2 Days
    • EP - 1 Week
    • Album - 2 Weeks

Why work with Jamie?

Jamie is a highly talented and well respected producer and mix engineer.  His work has been celebrated and praised by such people as Mr Hudson (award winning artist and producer - Kanye West, Mark Ronson, Nile Rodgers) Simon Gorgerly (Grammy winning producer) as well as record label executives across the uk.  Jamie has also had his work featured on many major radio stations including Radio 1 - who don’t mess around on quality.  Jamie believes that the proof is in the pudding and his track record speaks for itself.  Jamie is also a competent musician so understands music very well and can advise on many aspects on making records.  Many of Jamie’s peers have not had the level of success and praise he has, despite being in the industry far longer.

What kind of bands does he work with?

Jamie has literally worked with every type of band imaginable.  From Rock to Jazz, Country to blues and from hardcore metal to RnB.  He is at his most comfortable with bands with instruments, especially rock and indie bands.  His style lends itself to bands driven by drums and guitars but is happy to blend synths and electronica along side them.

We have a limited budget, but really want to work with Jamie?

There are always ways in which Jamie can help to reduce costs.  For example, he can record the band live to save time and even mix in his home studio.  However he will not undertake any work that is unrealistic or could prove damaging to his reputation.   Contact him to discuss your project and the options available.

How much does he charge?

Contact Jamie to get a quote or visit the Packages page to view the deals he can offer. 

Will he work for a percentage of my record sales / income from the record?

No - Due to the studio costs involved and poor record sales, Jamie will not accept a percentage in lieu of payment.   

What would you describe as ‘his’ sound?

Jamie is well known for his huge punchy drum sounds, deep bass, wide guitars and upfront vocals all brought together with punchy mixes.  It's also been noted that Jamie is very good at bringing energy and excitement to his mixes.

Does he do pre-production meetings?

Yes - Jamie welcomes the chance to meet bands before they start working with him. As such he offers all bands a 1 hour free meeting usually at a rehearsal to discuss the project.

I am a solo artist / singer but don't play any instruments. Can Jamie make the music for me to the songs I have written?

Technically he can but its not something that he is keen to do.  Composing is not his first talent and whilst he is capable of doing so, its not something he can do to a strict timescale.  For this reason, it can take a long time to achieve and cost the client way more money.  

Solo artists are of course more than welcome to work with Jamie, but they should be able to play or make the music themselves or have musicians on hand to do so.  Jamie will then lend his talents in bringing the record to a commercial level. 

Does he accept work experience or internships?

Unfortunately not.  Jamie currently has an intern in place and does not take on work experience due to insurance requirements. 

What are his opening hours?

Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm

Where is the studio?

Juvat Studio
Unit 27, Holyrood Business Park
West Duddingston Road
EH16 4AP

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