Jamie has been a music fan from a very young age and started playing in bands from the age of 14.  By the time he was 25 he had dedicated his life to music and was working within the industry.  He started out doing live sound in small DIY floor shows in Edinburgh and quickly started to learn the art of sound by simply getting his hands dirty.  He quickly graduated to larger venues when the studio bug hit.  He then started borrowing gear from friends and colleagues to record small local bands in his spare time in any space he could find.  Again, getting his hands dirty until he got the results he wanted.

In 2007 he attended college to focus on studio recording.  There he finished at the top of his class winning multiple awards and praise from the faculty and students alike.  There he had his work judged by Grammy Award Winning Producer Simon Gogerly who praised him highly and gave him valuable feedback on how to progress his work.

After college, he continued record bands in anyway and place he could before being offered a job in a small but prestigious local studio. This studio had a fine selection of high end gear which allowed him to develop his work to a much higher level.  The turnover of bands was also very high which forced him to learn to work very quickly and far more focused than he had ever been, a lesson which he values to this day.

At this studio he met a band who had a very impressive career to date and where making waves in the UK music scene. They approached him with a very daunting task;  take two tracks that had been produced and mixed by a legendary Scottish producer... and make them better. Jamie mixed these songs again, re-recording certain parts he was not happy with, and instantly these tracks were accepted by Radio 1 and other industry moguls as being some of the best work they had heard from the band.  There started a long standing relationship that found the band and Jamie working with the likes of Mr Hudson and Idris Elba.  During that relationship, Jamie scored a 100% success rate of Radio 1 plays.

Jamie's work continued to raise eyebrows and more and more bands were interested in working with him.  This took him to some of Scotland's most prestigious studios and his work elevated to an even higher level.  In 2016, frustrated with using other studios, Jamie opened his own studio in Edinburgh.  The studio is customised to his own hybrid workflow incorporating a mixture of a vintage analogue as well as more modern computer based tools.  He also started an Online Mixing and Online Mastering service.

Jamie continues to develop his own studio and has plans for expansion in the future, his aim to provide a studio environment that will allow bands to have exactly what they need to develop and succeed.

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